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04.11.2012 ECA Member Discounts: ECA

Gaming News:

BBB Blog: EA May Have Falsely Advertised Endings in Mass Effect 3
Loose talk about multiple endings was probably not a good idea.

The Audioguide Louvre Nintendo 3DS Deploying Today At World's Most Popular Art Museum

It's grand when technology and art come together.

Five Ways Avernum is Better than Avadon
Let someone count the ways..

The Great Performances: Last Alert

On feelings, and the un-hire-ability thereof.

Games are so gay (and that’s a good thing)

Gender bending and sexual experimentation is intrinsic to video games...and has been for decades.

Zero Punctuation: Ninja Gaiden 3

This one could get ugly...

Demon's Souls goes offline on May 31st

From Software's action RPG goes offline three years after it first launched.

Dark Souls haunting PC this summer
Prepare to Die edition confirmed for digital and retail release on August 24.

Pirates are now the third most popular political party in Germany
It has become a serious force in German politics, pulling ahead of the Green party in recent polls..

Analysis: Skyward Sword proves that Zelda needs to evolve
Link needs to get his act together, see other princesses.


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Techie News ECA ECA
No, Violating Your Employer's Computer Use Policy Is Not Criminal Hacking

You may remember a story from last year about David Nosal, a man who was essentially convicted of computer hacking...
Nokia to give users credit
The Nokia Lumia 900 has been discovered to have a glitch that causes some users to lose data connectivity. A patch will be rolled out starting on Monday...

Terms of service violations not a crime, appeals court rules

Lying about your age online or saying you're tall, dark, and handsome in your profile aren't offenses governed by a federal antihacking statute...
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