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Techie News
Cortana is coming to Android and iOS

Currently Microsoft's Halo based virtual assistant is exclusive to Windows Phone - this marks the first time any of the key virtual assistant programs have adapted onto other another OS.
Is GOG Galaxy A Threat To Steam?
DRM-free platform GOG Galaxy has the potential to be a real competitor to Steam, but is it doing enough to tempt users away from Valve’s platform?

Teen hires hacker to take down school district IT systems
A 17-year old boy from Idaho has been accused of paying a hacker to launch DDoS attacks against his school district.
Game Jobs
ECA Today

Gaming News:

Charter seeks to buy Time Warner Cable in $55.1 billion deal
Pending regulatory approval, of course.

Wii blamed for RV Fire in Colorado Springs
Fire dept. "99 percent sure" is was the cause, says RV owner...

We’re Seriously Underestimating the Virtual-Reality Market

"Virtual reality and augmented reality are about to become explosive growth markets. "

Grimstorm is a brutal 2D combat platformer that you can play for free
PC Gamer

Tortuous. Harrowing. Exhausting.

BioWare Writer Talks Gay Romances and Sexual Diversity in Gaming
"Ultimately, it hasn't really affected our sales insofar as we can tell."

Multiplayer video games may improve cooperation, mitigate aggression
Ars Technica
Research suggests cooperative gamers play nicer, even when the game is violent.

Buy Your Own Star Wars Battle Pod for Just $98,000
The premium Star Wars Battle Pod cabinet will set you back 12 million yen.

Valve Hires Former Olympian to Help Improve Employee Health
Workout routines include doing push-ups while solving a Where's Waldo challenge.

Obama Urges Senate To Reach Deal On Surveillance Legislation
Huffington Post
The National Security Agency program is set to expire on June 1 unless Congress agrees to extend the program temporarily.

Is Rock Band 4's campaign an RPG?
"Rock Band 4 is a straight-up role-playing game that has more in common with the superb 80 Days..."

Join us at the LA Cosplay Con June 13!
Going to be in Los Angeles on June? Why not get dressed up as your favorite game, movie, or comic book character and take part in the LA Cosplay Con? It takes place Saturday, June 13 at the Century City Plaza Hotel. For more details and ticket information, visit


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