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Techie News
NSA: Figuring Out How Many US Citizens We Illegally Spied On Would Violate Their Privacy

For quite some time now, we've been reporting on Senators Wyden and Udall's repeated attempts to get the government to explain how many American citizens the NSA spied on...
Google threatens site that rips YouTube music videos into MP3s
Google has reportedly threatened legal action against a website that allegedly used the YouTube API to turn the audio from YouTube videos into downloadable MP3 files.

Google Books Data Mining Reveals Mad Men's Big Historical Flaw: Business Lingo

The TV show Mad Men has quite a reputation for going to great lengths to be as authentic as possible. The clothes, the props, the scenarios...
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SW Engineer
Ferndale, MI
Livio Radio

Software Developer
Melrose Park, IL
Stern Pinball, Inc.

Assistant Director/Site Editor
Washington DC
American Psychological Association

Business Development/Sales
Kansas City, KS
Airport Life LLC

Manager, Digital Analytics & Social Media
Atlanta, GA
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer - Mobile/HTML5 (304262-787)
Norwalk, CT Incorporated
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Gaming News:

CISPA Co-Sponsor Says President Will Change His Mind on Veto
The president will apparently settle on whatever lawmakers send his way, claims Congressman.

2012 is the Year That Online Gaming and Online Gambling Merge, but is that Good?

If gambling and gaming finally come together how can the industry defend addiction claims?

IGN: not a place to go for tabletop coverage
Matt Thrower dumps cold water on IGN's article on board games found on iOS.

Crime Continues to Decline Though Uncertainty Remains As to Why

I dedicate this to all you 'videogames make people violent' researchers out there.

Microsoft Unveils New Tablet: Surface

Some call it an iPad killer, but I say using the term 'Killer' after a product name is so late 90's.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor: The Kotaku Review

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor takes that silliness and makes the player feel like the butt of a joke.

WWE '13 preorders score Mike Tyson playable character

Iron Mike returns to the WWE.

Review: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor
...piloting these Vertical Tanks even while sober may result in a loss of brain cells.

Five Reasons Why Guild Wars 2 Will be Better Than Star Wars: The Old Republic
Like comparing apples with spell books and swords to apples with lasers and lightsabers...

Opinion: Narrative turns creepy in Tomb Raider
Mistakes were made in this reboot of the franchise, claims this op-ed piece.



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