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Techie News
Original 'Dungeon Keeper' creator Peter Molyneux calls EA's new version 'ridiculous'

Outspoken games legend Peter Molyneux unsurprisingly has a thing or two to say about the new Dungeon Keeper.
The 5 iPad games with the best graphics
It's rare that's we're impressed by PC and console graphics these days, but tablets are still full of surprises.

Wizard Quest: Your RPG is in my Match 3 endless runner

Despite some imbalances around in-app purchasing, this iPad game somehow makes it all work.
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Gaming News:

EA Teams With White House for Sexual Assault Prevention Campaign
Company to include cause's logo in its games.

Kickstarter-Funded Sword Fighting Game 'Clang' is Officially Cancelled
Two years after raising half a million dollars, the party is finally over.

Wasteland 2 review: The toxic adventure

It looks like mankind finally did it.

Destiny: Your Guide to Life After 20

GameSpot breaks down currencies, reputation, strategies and more.

Bill Introduced in Congress to Let You Actually Own Things...
...even if they contain software.

Forza Horizon 2 VIP Membership and Car pass detailed
New live action TV commercial also released.

EU Council Presidency Presents Paper On Tackling Copyright Infringement...
...and it's little more than ACTA reheated.

The reactionaries are just plain wrong about gaming's future
Polygon examines scholar Christina Hoff Sommers' latest video.

Bill would limit reach of US search warrants for data stored abroad
Ars Technica
Bill cuts down Obama administration's position that the world's servers are ours.

Objective: Impossible?
An objective approach to games journalism is a noble goal, but…

Help Us Save Net Neutrality!
A recent proposal by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler would allow ISPs to charge content providers extra money for faster access to its customers. The proposal goes against everything that the Open Internet Order stands for. Wheeler believes that this is the solution to the FCC's loss in the D.C. Appeals Court to Verizon, but everyone who knows anything about Net Neutrality will tell you this is a huge step in the wrong direction. So what can all of us do about? We can use the tools provided by the ECA to let the FCC and lawmakers in D.C. know that we want them to halt the murder of net neutrality. You can get started at right now!


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